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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How much did you score?

Amit wakes up at 4.a.m. Packs his breakfast, snacks and lunch and is out of the house at 4.30 am. He has to go for maths tuitions at 5a.m, chemistry at, 7.30 to the best school which is ten miles away. He is back by 4.30 p.m but is not free. He has physics tuitions at and biology at 6.00 pm. Apart from this he has homework to do, assignments to complete, prepare for tests. He goes to bed at 12.00 pm. This is Amit’s routine.
There are millions of Amit’s in India. It is pathetic to see a sleepy two and a half year old being cramped into a school bus to reach the PLAY SCHOOL at 7 in the morning. Here there are schools where we have parents standing overnight at the gates of schools to seek admission for LKG.
On an average a child gets to sleep only for 6 hrs and as the child grows up these hours reduce to half as the assignments and tests eat up all their time.
This is not only the plight of children but also their parents as they need to be part of this farce. In reality it is a nightmare for both parents and children till they are out of school.
It would be shocking to know that there are a few schools in India, which are proud to display their motto each year with the list of top scorers in the papers after the board examination, which is no less than a concentration camp. These are popular for high schools.
Even though they have boarding facilities, the children are asked to stay in the classrooms and sleep on mats lest they might sleep for long and not be prepared for the early morning classes. These kids burn the mid night oil every single day in school. They are allotted 10 min of break be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are not permitted to talk to their fellow student which is considered waste of time. Let alone speaking they are not allowed to walk, when within the campus they need to run all the time, like rats. If they are sick they need to raise one of their hands and walk. They are monitored by the so called teachers round the clock. These kids work all 7 days of the week.
Their strange pattern is they are taught the board examination syllabus for two years. With tests everyday and with 10- 15 model exams and severe corporal punishments for failures the children tend to score well.
Education has become commercial that there is really no joy in learning. Here all that matters is the numbers on the mark sheets at the end of 12 years. So, why make a noise about this?

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  1. Rightly worded, modern variants of the death camps. With children being suffocated from breathing in/out creativity in the gas chamber-classroom.