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Friday, August 19, 2011

Effective ways of producing clones

Who wants a child to score more marks and why? There is a race to try and prove that their offspring is stronger and better than someone else’s. This obsession has led to the current examination system and this has retarded our educational system phenomenally.
Children are victims in this educational system. There is no scope of being unique or being themselves. Conspirators to this are manifold, parents, teachers, school, society, government and the entire system as a whole. Here the child is the protagonist but he has no say in this. It will reflect on him as he grows up. He will have a conflict in decision making, conflict in facing a challenge, conflict in leadership and you name it and he has a conflict.
Here an individual is slotted into a role whereas it should be vice versa. It is forgotten that the individual is multifaceted. There is a job description from the time he enters school. If he exhibits more knowledge than he is supposed to, he is branded over smart or show off. If he does not he is called slow or special. This boxing restricts his individuality.
If you notice after schooling, 98% of the children do not know what they are good at and not clear about what they are inclined to do. They just follow others like a sheep. When there is no calling they follow the norm of making money. Now they are boxed into a ‘settle down’ frame work. According to the society settle down means to find a job, earn a decent salary, marry, have children and repeat the same action all over again. The whole system is to create victims again. This individual has no individuality beyond his title.
How often do parents allow children to follow their heart? When he does well he is appreciated and patted on the back and is awarded and those who do not perform well are branded unfit. Doesn’t this branding affect the child in future? It will instill a fear forever. There is a conflict in his life, his relationship becomes strained. This is a reflection of what schools and examination do to these children.
Let’s not deny the fact; People with strong calling always break

these rules. To the masses who obey rules, success is very relative.

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