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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Learning Difficulties

Every child is a precious child. It has come into this world to play its part and it will be played well.
It sure is a thunderbolt to those who have held the child to their bosom with starry eyes to know that the child has a learning disability. Unfortunately it can be spotted only when the child enters school. Not that it can be treated but at least the child can be prepared to face the challenge.
Child with learning difficulties might have trouble reading numbers or counting. Learning or remembering spellings and words, telling time or direction.  
List of must not do’s
1.    Remind the child time and again about his or her disability.
2.    Compare the child with his or her peers.
3.    Reprimanding the child for being slow or not understanding.
4.    Ignore the child.
5.    Force the child to compete like any other child.
List of must do’s
1.    Observe the child and find out his/her interests.
2.    Motivate and build the child’s self esteem.
3.    Give the child simple tasks and more time.
4.    Have patience and repeat the instructions when not understood.
5.    Encourage and reward the child when a task is completed.
The parents and teachers must work hand in hand to help children with the special need.
 First and foremost the parents must be open to counseling. They must be willing to spend more time with their children. They need to be in constant touch with the teachers and help develop a special educational plan that suits the child and could be followed at home too.
On the other hand the teachers must have a clear knowledge about learning disabilities. Observe the child closely to study the strengths and weakness. Consult with an expert and design a plan which would suit the child. Give extra time to complete the task and tests. It is to be noted that almost all boards grant extra time for such candidates during the external examination. Keep track of the child’s development and update the parents regularly. Thus motivating and giving an emotional support to the parents.
Statistics state that 15-20% of the children in the U.S have language based learning disability. Does this make them dunce? The child could grow up to be a famous athlete, author, actor, artist, entrepreneur, war hero, musician, singer, and what not? To adduce I have Akbar the great Albert Einstein, Antony Hopkins, Agatha Christie, John Kennedy, Thomas Alva Edison, Walt Disney, Winston Churchill. All that a parent of a child with a learning disability must know that, if identified the potential of the child, he has another name to the list above.


  1. Good article. Keep posting more.

  2. Hypothetically speaking, If the children in India/world were to be encouraged and supported to follow their dreams irrespective of their immediate , we'd have a happier world and a much more satisfied work force producing better results and achieving higher standards; with lesser people trying to the lives of their parents by jumping on the band wagon of professional courses.